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    8x AGP Conflicts

    I have a client that has a ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 8x AGP card and is purchasing a new computer system. He is looking at getting the new Soltek motherboard for the AMD Athlon XP with the 8x AGP but we have heard reports that the card conflicts with some of the motherboards. Does anyone out there know if this is true and if so which motherboards this card conflicts with.



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    Re: 8x AGP Conflicts

    I only found 3 Soltek Mainboards for AMD set up with 8X AGP {SL-75frn-L , SL-75frnRL & SL-75FRV} Click this link to see One of Them
    I would also like to point out that from everything I can find on Benchmark Test , the Pentium 4 based Mainboards with 8X AGP seem to have the best Benchmarks over AMD. I can not find any conflicts with the card and With A Mainboard & Chipset set up for 8X AGP. But the Mainboard must be set up for 8X AGP for that card to work at 8X.
    Did some more investigating. It seems most the problems { Gameing } that people are having with these new cards is #1. Not enough cooling #2. Games not set up for the new 9700 Chipset & #3. BIOS settings. Read these reviews:
    ATI 9700 Hangs

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