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    How can you Use Powerpoint links in a Word Form? (2000)

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    I'm using Word 2000 - I've inserted a Powerpoint Presentation as an Icon. At this point it works fine to double click on the icon and it will open the Powerpoint presentation. When you hit ESC it returns to the Word document.

    The problem is when you add form fields and lock the form, you can no longer double click on the Powerpoint Presentation.

    I've tried various solutions and have had no success. The individual I'm creating the form for needs the following:
    - It needs to be able to link to a Powerpoint Presentation from the Word doc by clicking on an object/button.
    - It needs to have fields which text can be entered.
    - The instructions and examples need to be locked so they cannot be modified.
    - The user needs to be able to save the new file with the text they entered in the fields.

    Does anyone have any solutions on how to do this.

    Adobe can create great forms, however, if you don't have a full version of Adobe or Acrobat Approval the user is not able to save the text they type into the form.
    Also, I have not found a way to imbed a Powerpoint presentation into Adobe.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: How can you Use Powerpoint links in a Word Form? (2000)

    Can you lock just a section of the document and leave another section unlocked for the Powerpoint link.

    Alternatively, attach a macro to a form field which opens the Powerpoint file. If no form field suits put a check box on the form to run a macro which opens the Powerpoint file.

    On the acrobat front, a hyperlink to the powerpoint file should work just fine. You won't be able to embed the presentation into the file but a hyperlink should do the trick.

    Acrobat does allow you to save the completed field entries as a file if you use a submit button to allow the user to email it to themselves. When that file is run it merges the data with the original form to show the completed form.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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