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    Calculations in Forms

    I have a form that is designed to perform an automatic calculation. What I would like to do is set up the form so that the result of the calculation is displayed in two places. The first includes the formula for the calculation, and the second is just a Ref field displaying the results of the field containing the calculation. The problem is I can't get the calculation and the reference to work at the same time. If the cross reference works the field won't calculate correctly, and if the field calculates correctly, the cross reference doesn't work. I've even tried the styleref field with the same results. Any ideas?

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    Re: Calculations in Forms

    Hi Rose,

    I am assuming that we're talking about a Word online form rather than a userform here.

    Make sure that you have the formfield properties for each field that is used in the calculation set to "calculate on exit." (It sounds like you have done this already, just making sure.)

    Although it is sloppy programming, what happens if you simply use the formula a second time instead of a REF field.?

    Could you use an onExit macro for the last field that you will typ.e a value into? Have that update your REF field?

    Sorry, more questions than answers. Hope some of them help.
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    Re: Calculations in Forms

    Simply write a macro to update the Ref field. Trigger that macro whenever the formula is refreshed.

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