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    Clipboard Toolbar (2000 SR-1)

    I like seeing the Clipboard and adding blocks of text to it for quick pasting later but can anyone tell me how to make it NOT pop up in the middle of whatever I'm working on? I drag it over to the side but before you know it there it is again, right in the middle, hiding my text! Docking it on the scrollbar doesn't work because then the individual items are hidden. Thanks for any help..........

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    Re: Clipboard Toolbar (2000 SR-1)

    Take a look at the second and third posts in this thread where Klaus shows you how to use some macro trickery to force the clipboard toolbar to "stick" where you want it. Does that work for you?

    There was a recent discussion here about "permanently" banishing the Web toolbar. If you don't find any other solution, you could add a "show/hide" clipboard toolbar button to another toolbar, and use that to bring it into view only when you want it. (I think you would need to use the trick in the thread on the web toolbar.)

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