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    More UserForm Stuff (XL2002)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Tricky on 13-Feb-03 01:47. You may have to save the example sheet to your PC to use it. I was unable to open it through my browser but it works fine from my PC...)</P>Example Attached
    A three part question if I may...

    1) I have a multipage UserForm where the user fills in many textboxes. On the last page of the UserForm (Index12), I want to summarize the users entries. One place to take a final look before Saving the form and writing the data. One such textbox is GMName. While the user is typing his name into that textbox, I would need for a label on the summary page to update itself. The label name is LabGM.

    2)Same thing as #1 but with a twist...There are three textboxes named: CityName, StateName & ZipName. On the summary page, I would need those three items combined to form one label, LabLocation. The fornat would be CityName, StateName ZipName.

    3)Thinking ahead, I beleive I would have to start with:<pre>Private Sub GMName_Change()
    Call Summarize
    End Sub</pre>

    Then Sub Summarize()would have the instrux for updating the labels...
    What if the userform were reopened to make a few changes (an address change)? The Change events would trigger the labels to update but the textboxes that were not changed might appear empty on the summary page...How can I make sure that the summary page retains the values from the appropriate text boxes?
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    Re: More UserForm Stuff (XL2002)

    I haven't used a multi page form yet, but the multipage control has a change event:

    Private Sub MultiPage1_Change()
    MsgBox "changed page"
    'Get the selected page
    MsgBox Me.MultiPage1.Value
    End Sub

    I would use this event to trigger code to update the controls on the summary page.
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