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    Out of Office Assistant; Multiple Replies?


    Environment - Outlook 2000, CW, Exchange Server 5.5, SP3, primarily W95 clients

    Question - is it possible to have Outlook send a different AutoReply based on the origin of the arriving e-mail? That is to say, if an arriving e-mail message came from outside our Exchange organization, i.e., from the Internet, can Outlook / Exchange send a different AutoReply than if the e-mail came from inside the organization?

    I've looked at / played with both the Out of Office Assistant and the Rules Wizard, but can't seem to determine if the above is possible, and, if it is, how to implement same.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated! TIA.


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    Re: Out of Office Assistant; Multiple Replies?

    no, and many admins disable OOF for internet mail. If your org has, try using rules to send automatic replies to the internet. (really not recommended, that's why many admins disable it) If rules wizard can't do it, try ExLife (

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    Re: Out of Office Assistant; Multiple Replies?


    Thank you for the prompt reply. I had suspected that this functionality wouldn't be native to Outlook / Exchange. So I have the fun task of telling an elected official that we can't do what she wants.

    Thanks again!


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