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    ISAM / DBGrid problems (VB6)

    (Pulled this from an earlier question where it was 'hidden' a bit)...

    On one system (Win98) I can compile/run some code, on an other system (WinXP) I get an error about a missing OCX (DBGRID32 or something).

    So... I thought I'd compile on the 'good' system and install the EXE on the other system, right?

    Wrong! The EXE does start but generates the error "Couldn't find installable ISAM"....

    And I always thought that if one installed an app, everything required would come with it... (why else is the installable always so much larger than the EXE itself?)

    What do I have to do to make the XP system work (by the way: on both systems Access is installed, on both systems VB6 (SP5) is installed)...


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    Re: ISAM / DBGrid problems (VB6)

    Here is a Microsoft explanation of the error & a couple of troubleshooting examples...

    Could well be the different versions of Access on the different OS's.....

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