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    Plain text mode for Word XP (Word XP)

    I'm a newbie and suspect the answer to my question is in a faq somewhere, but I haven't found anything using to search either the Web or newsgroups. I haven't a clue where else to look except here.
    I use Word XP to create both Word documents and plain ASCII text files. The ASCII text files are usually technical documents to be typeset by a public domain typesetting package called LaTeX. I like the "smart quotes" and some of the automatic substitutions that Word does when editing a document file, but I don't want automatic substitutions when I edit a plain ASCII text file.
    Can I set Word so that it will use its automatic replacement features when I edit a ".doc" or ".rtf" file (others, too?) and not to do automatic replacements or use smart quotes when I edit a text file (.txt, .tex, .c, .for, etc.)? Thanks

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    Re: Plain text mode for Word XP (Word XP)

    Hi Jon:
    First, I should mention that I'm not familiar with Word 2002, so things may have changed in this regard since Word 2000. Assuming they stayed pretty much the same...Some of the substitutions can be found under Tools/AutoCorrect.../Autoformat as you type tab (e.g. smart quotes).

    You could record a macro that sets the options that you want to use for Word documents & then record another macro to uncheck all the options for ASCII files. Then you would just run each macro when you wanted. If you need help with recording a macro, see <!post=this post,21373>this post<!/post>.

    There are other changes that are done automatically throughout Office & are contained in *.acl files. These are changes such as changing "teh" to "the". To prevent these changes, you would have to search for & rename your acl files to have the extension, say, of .noacl. Then when you're done, you could rename the .noacl files back to .acl.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Plain text mode for Word XP (Word XP)

    I don't think Word is smart enough to do this natively.

    You could use a macro to change your settings when it opens the file.
    <pre>Sub FileOpen()
    If Right(ActiveDocument.Name, 3) = "txt" Then
    Options.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes = False
    Options.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes = True
    End If
    End Sub</pre>

    On second thoughts perhaps the best solution is to leave the smart quotes on permanently and run a macro on Save and SaveAs to replace all quotes with their dumb equivalents. This way you can convert files and content at the same time as the save. The macro is going to be more involved to do this though and I don't have time right now. If this is required, post a reply and someone will show you the code to run.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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