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    exporting data to outlook (access 2000)

    What is the text string or csv format for access to export calendar appointment information so that outlook can import it? The help file says it can be done but doesn't explain the field settings (criteria).

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    Re: exporting data to outlook (access 2000)

    To export data from Access to Outlook, the easiest way is to use the Import/Export Wizard in Outlook. It is capable of reading and writing Access tables directly - however it makes some assumptions about your table structure which you will need to validate. I would suggest you create a few contacts in Outlook and then export them to an Access database to see what kind of table structure results. Then tinker with the structure a bit to enhance it, and take the data back to Outlook. There are some fairly serious constraints in the way that Outlook handles contact information (email addresses and phone numbers for example), but it will meet lots of needs and has some nice integration features.

    If you want to get more adventureous, you could try manipulating Outlook data using Automation - with that you can create, edit and delete contact entries in Outlook. The Outlook object model does have some fairly serious constraints, but once you figure those out, you can actually do a fair bit with the combination of Access and Outlook.

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