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    Outlook 2000 Calender

    This may well be trivial
    But I'm trying to sync my Palm III with outlook 2k

    Ive loaded the palm desktop and Hotsync 3.04 but I cant get my calender to sync, nor can I find any way of incorporating this via a conduit.

    What am I doing wrong? or more to the point what have I forgot to load?

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    Re: Outlook 2000 Calender

    If you're not using the "typical" option, you'll have problems like this. Completely uninstall and reinstall "typical". You can still pick an alternate directory to install into even if you use "typical".

    Also, are you logging into multiple domains (i.e. a mobile user)? I've had to reinstall Palm software at each domain I've logged into. The Palm developers just don't understand Windows 2000 very well yet.

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    Re: Outlook 2000 Calender

    Is PocketMirror (Outlook conduit) included in the Palm III software?

    Did you select "custom" when prompted for setup type? I've set up many Palms (on Windows NT) and I'm never prompted to "Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook" unless I select the custom setup type.

    Good luck.

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