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    ambiguous joins (msaccess sr-2)

    I have a database that uses tables linked to Oracle. When I create queries that join the access tables with the Oracle tables there are usually no problems. I may run a query numerous times with no problems, then for no apparent reason I get the ambiguous join error message. Nothing seems to correct the problem. I may go back to the same query 2 or 3 days later and it runs with no problem. Any thoughts?

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    Re: ambiguous joins (msaccess sr-2)

    These kind of issues probably have to do with the condition of the Oracle database. In general, you don't want to do queries that involve local tables and tables in the database server, as that requires that the entire set of data be brought into Access so that the query can be run - that applies equally to both Oracle and SQL Server. The issue with joins most probably has to do with rekational data integrity issues in the Oracle database, at least that's typically what we see.

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