I found this lurking in a GUI in my Files processor tonight. I'd forgotten about it.

If the user is errant enough to click away from a button, and hence on the GUI form background, the routine sends a picture of one of the CJRT-FM radio station announcers flitting across the form.

The (intInc) interval increment is set so that you can ALMOST make out that it's a person, but you're never quite sure!

<pre>Private Sub UserForm_Click()
Const intInc As Integer = 100
Me.imgCJRT.Visible = True
Dim sngHorizInc As Single
sngHorizInc = (Me.Width - Me.imgCJRT.Width) / intInc
Dim sngVertInc As Single
sngVertInc = (Me.Height - Me.imgCJRT.Height) / intInc
Me.imgCJRT.Left = 0
Me.imgCJRT.Top = 0
Dim intLeft As Integer
For intLeft = 0 To intInc
Me.imgCJRT.Left = Me.imgCJRT.Left + sngHorizInc
Me.imgCJRT.Top = Me.imgCJRT.Top + sngVertInc
Next intLeft
Me.imgCJRT.Visible = False
End Sub