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    Runtime for 2000/2002 (2000 SR1/2002)

    We have need to create a runtime version of a custom application we developed for a client in Access 97, but now needs to be upgraded to 2000 or 2002. We own the developer version of 2000, but never received the SR1A update, so we started searching for it and found this article on the MS knowledge base. However a call to the "Softies" was greeted with "there is no such thing." Are we getting the run around, has the product been pulled since 2002 has been out for nearly 2 years, or did we get the wrong person to answer our call?

    On the same subject, can we create a 2000 version of a runtime package using the 2002 Developer version, and has it been updated to include the fixes in SP1 and SP2? I seem to recall a thread indicating that you could not, but that may have been in conjunction with MDEs rather than runtime versions.

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    Re: Runtime for 2000/2002 (2000 SR1/2002)

    There certainly *was* a SR-1 for the 2000 ODE. It was a separate SR for just the developer tools to bring them up to version 1.5 (OK, nobody said the version numbers made sense) and included, among other things, an update to the setup wizard to cure a problem with that, an updated VSS add-in, a patched CodeLib, and some additonal SQL Server workflow designer tools. I suspect it's been pulled, like the rest of O2k.

    As for the rest of your question, the answer AFAIK is still no. You have to use the developer edition for the setup version. The runtime files are strictly for the current version and so are the dependencies. There is a service release for the XP developer tools as well, separate from the OXP service releases.

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    Re: Runtime for 2000/2002 (2000 SR1/2002)

    As I've just found out, apparently A2002 will only create an MDE from an A2002 database; and I assume this MDE can't be read by A2000. However, an MDE created by A2000 can be read by A2002.
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