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    Office 2000/FP 2002 (SR3)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by charlotte on 14-Feb-03 20:30. Remove duplicate text.)</P>The latest Woody's Office Watch talks to Office upgrades and how to identify them. My quandry is that I am using Win2000, Office 2000 SR3 and Front Page 2002. When I go to Microsoft Office Update and try to update FP2002, it returns all of the office updates for Office 2002. What happens to all of my Office 2000 applications when I download that to update Front Page 2002? Or do I just click download and hope for the best?

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    Re: Office 2000/FP 2002 (SR3)

    The 2002 patches should only apply to FP 2002 on your machine. I have 3 versions of Office apps on my machine. I still have to apply service releases for the full version of Office, but the installers recognize the apps for that version and only update the apps that exist.

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