This is a complicated problem and I've tried to track down a solution with several vendors and on the MS newsgroup support, but no luck. So if anyone here has any suggestions, I would welcome them. I will try to outline things coherently.

When I installed a recent MS security upgrade WinXP Hotfix(SP2) Q329390 my internet connection stopped working. When I tried to repair the connection, I got the message that it couldn't find an IP address.

Uninstalling WinXP Hotfix(SP2) Q329390 allowed me to re-establish my internet connection. But I can't re-establish a connection to my printer.

1. I'm using an orinoco wireless card to connect to an apple airport wireless hub.

2. I'm using Win XP and PC Maclan to connect to the appletalk network.

I've upgraded the driver on the wireless card, but I can't figure out how to contact tech support at Orinoco. Maybe Lucent has cut that out.

PC Maclan said they were surprised that their product ever worked with a wireless connection.

I suppose my question is - what steps do I need to take to get my printer re-connected.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.