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    Can't connect to IP addresses that start with 207


    This just started in the past week. In Internet explorer I cannot connect to any sites that have an IP address starting with 207. For example It finds the entry in the DNS ok and goes to connect but just sits there until it times out. All other websites come up fine. Another example is

    I scanned for a virus and didn't find anything. So I was thinking it had to etier be with something in the registry or something to do with something in TCPIP being corrupt.

    I would appreciate any thoughts.

    Thanks Much


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    Re: Can't connect to IP addresses that start with 207

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Phil Rabichow on 01/03/18 19:31.</FONT></P>Hi Tom:

    I was having that problem a few weeks ago, but didn't go as far as you did in trying to figure out that it was IP addresses starting with 207. I just noticed that I couldn't get to MS.

    Clearing out the history & cache helped, but only a little. However, I had to do it for both IE AND Netscape. And I do think it had something to do with the TCP/IP, but I may never know.

    Doing a defrag finally solved my problem.

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