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    Unhide 1st Col(s)/Row(s) (2000 sr1)

    I know that it is sometimes perplexing to know how to unhide rows or columns starting from the top of the sheet (eg, unhide Col A or Rows 1-3). At least for me. I recently discovered, purely by accident, something that works in Excel 2000. Don't know if it's common knowledge so thought I'd share. If it is common knowledge, then I must have missed it somewhere - why didn't someone tell me (you didn't ask, they said). Also don't have other versions of Excel to test against.

    Say the first 3 rows are hidden.
    1. With your mouse on the Row 4 number, left drag upwards to the row with the column headings. You should see a yellow-tip box saying "4R" meaning you've selected 4 rows (no different than if your hidden rows are in the middle). Let go of the mouse button.
    2. Move your mouse back to Row 4. Right-click on the Row 4 number or in any cell in row 4 (eg, A4).
    3. Choose Unhide.

    Anyway, take it for what it's worth.


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    Re: Unhide 1st Col(s)/Row(s) (2000 sr1)

    What I do is Edit Goto A1 (or somewhere in the hidden row) and then either extend selection or just Format Row (column) Unhide.

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