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Thread: Low Memory

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    Low Memory

    I had Me on a Celeron 466 with 96mb of ram. It performed ok. I upgraded the motherboard, processor, memory to PIII 833mhz with 256mb of ram. It seems that Me uses up every bit of that 256mb; I frequently get the out of memory message - which I never got with 96mb of ram. Plus side is, the computer doesn't crash as frequently [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    I read on another post that if gdi.exe is using a lot of memory, then maybe there is a video card problem. Well, I also added a new video card from Guillemont. It does have the latest driver for Me.

    Any clues??

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Low Memory

    I have had Windows ME for about three weeks. I have 128 MB of ram, and have the same problem. If I am using WinFax Pro, I cannot do anything else at all. Once I reach about 59% available memory, it starts locking up. Everyone seems to think I have sufficient ram, but I am wondering if that is true . . .

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