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    nVidia AGP Geforce4 MX440 (WINXP Pro)

    {This is a friends Computer}Can't get the dang Drivers to load for the nVidia WDM Video Capture Driver ( Universal ). Keep getting a Code 10 in Device Manager. It shows that it finds the drivers but won't load them. Tried removeing and reinstalling useing the CD that came with the card. Also tried the new Detonator 40 Drivers. <font color=blue>I mean everything works fine . Has a great picture, DVD player plays movies great with a good clear picture</font color=blue> , but every time you reboot , it tries to find the WDM Capture Drivers again. I read on the internet that other people were having the same problem but I couldn't find any fixes.
    Shuttle Mainboard, VIA 266 chipset, 1150MHZ AMD, 256 MB DDR 2100, 20GB Maxtor.

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    Re: nVidia AGP Geforce4 MX440 (WINXP Pro)

    I just had a pc built using a slightly older NVidia card and couldn't get the drivers to work right either... and then found a very-odd setup instruction: the BIOS had to be set up as a non-plug'n'play OS, even though it was XP Pro. There were a couple of other BIOS settings that ran a little contrary to our techie's experience. Perhaps you're running up against the same odd setup?

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