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    Nav bars & HTP files

    Here's a problem that has me perplexed and annoyed.

    The host server for my personal Web site -- which has been entirely satisfactory to date -- requires that default pages be named INDEX.HTP rather than INDEX.HTML. On the prior, extremely simple incarnation of the site, this was fine.

    Then I decided to bring the site into Front Page 2000, and life became interesting in the Chinese sense. I added a theme, a shared left border, and a graphic navigation bar in that border -- the only bells and whistles anywhere on the pages. All of this works correctly and cheerfully on all of the internal pages on the published site -- but on the front page, INDEX.HTP, the theme background does not load and the shared border with the nav bar does not appear. I can find no discernible reason for this in any of the HTML I can get my hands on, and am at a loss as to where to look in order to get under the hood and make the needed fix.

    It's not helping that the chief techgnome at the host server appears to be violently allergic to Front Page; so far, his advice has consisted of "Don't use it." I'm aware that much professional wisdom now leans strongly toward the Dreamweaver/Homesite side of the Force, but FP is what I've got here at home, and I would just as soon remain as conversant with it as possible.


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    Re: Nav bars & HTP files

    Follow-up, following further experimentation:

    It looks as if what's happening may actually be a theme-implementation issue. As more experienced FP mavens likely know, the raw HTML one sees on the HTML editing tab is not, in fact, the raw HTML you get if you "View Source" on a published page with a theme/navbar in it. Specifically, FP alters the BODY tag to add numerous parameters, and adds a JavaScript chunk to power your graphic navigation bar and shared border.

    Except that it doesn't do this to my INDEX.HTP file, and offers no control mechanism to explain why.

    I am leery of trying to add the necessary theme data manually to the HTP file -- when I tried this via cut-and-paste of a parametered BODY tag from one of the subfiles, FP2K magically zapped away all the content between the BODY and /BODY tags, including all the parameters in the modified BODY tag!

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    Re: Nav bars & HTP files

    Could you not just avoid the problem by having a very simple INDEX.HTP file that redirects to INDEX.HTML?

    In the HEAD part:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    window.location.replace ("");

    I have used this with some success - I also added a manual 'Enter' button in case it didn't work...

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    Re: Nav bars & HTP files

    FP runs your site thru basically through the _vti_cnf files. If you look at the index.htp page in FP, you'll see remarks which refer to your navigation bar, etc. The remarks are in a tag like this: (My appologies if this is covering the obviuous). Look for those files in the _vit_cnf folders. This is how FP manages the quasi-frames it uses. FP is actually inserting the necessary code in the <body></Body> tag. It gets the code from the file in the _cnf folder. There may be other _vti files that manage the themes.
    I don't know if you can edit these files but you might want to try comparing an index.html version with the index.htp to see what lines are missing or need to be changed to the .htp extension.
    I've no idea if this works. I admit I share your web hosts opinion of FP (and feel the same about Dreamweaver as well)but like he/she, I'm stuck with it.
    I like Leif's idea.

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