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    Forms & Protected Areas (Word 2000)

    I want to spell check the user comments area of a form. Word's text boxes cannot be spell checked when protected. I solved the problem by placing a single cell table in an unprotected section of the form. When I protect the form I can tab from field to field to the table cell. When I tab in the table cell, sometimes word adds another table row. In another form of the same basic design, when I press the Tab key in the table cell, it moves to the next form field. I would like the latter to happen consistently. I can't figure how it's happening?

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    Re: Forms & Protected Areas (Word 2000)

    1. When you are in a protected section of a form, tabbing will take you to the next form field.
    2. When you are in a non-protected section of a form, the tab key will act as a tab (which, in a table, goes to the next cell or creates a new row).

    The best way to solved the spell check problem with protected forms is with a macro. See <post#=140563>post 140563</post#>.

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