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    adding action flag to outgoing email for group cal (2002 SP-1)

    With Windows XP SP-1, Office XP SP-2, Outlook 2002 SP-2:
    When I schedule a meeting, add attendee(s), and hit SEND, an email message goes out to the attendee(s). On the appointment form there is an "Importance" button, that I presume sets the field on the outgoing email message itself. I could be wrong about that. More importantly, I'd like to set the Action flag (reply required) to the message that goes out requiring Accept/Decline, etc. How can I get at the action flag for the outgoing message(s)?
    I posted this to microsoft.public.outlook.calendaring, with no results. I assume no one had any ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

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    Re: adding action flag to outgoing email for group cal (2002 SP-1)

    To the best of my little knowledge, Meeting Invitations do not provide an Action Flag capability, and I couldn't seem to be able to find the Flag Icon to drag onto the Invitation for when creating a Message Invitation. You can't force a recipient to respond; I agree with you that a Followup Flag would be useful capability.
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