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    Losing Default Settings (Word 2002)

    Has anyone experienced losing default settings in Word 2002? In particular, the setting under Tools|Options|Save: "Save Autorecover Info Every" and on the Spelling & Grammar tab "Always suggest corrections?" We have the autorecovery defaulted to On and 5 minutes. However, we have users who continually have this feature default to off and 0 minutes. Same with the always suggest corrections, works fine for some users but keeps defaulting to off for others. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Losing Default Settings (Word 2002)

    description Hi Elizabeth:
    Sometimes you can make a default setting stick by opening the template itself, making the change, & then saving the template. i.e. if your template is, open it, rather than a document based on

    These options that you describe are found in the registry, however. You may need to delete & rebuild the Data key for these users. See <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>.

    I looked through the knowledge base & could only find a few articles (which may or may not help):
    HOW TO: Change Word Options in the Windows Registry for Word 2002
    HOW TO: Reset User Options and Registry Settings in Word 2002
    WD2002: Toolbars and Menu Bar Are Missing, or Settings Are Not Retained When You Start Word

    Hope this helps.

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