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    Lotus Word Processing (all)

    A friend's old computer had Lotus Word Processing - she now has a new DELL with Word Perfect which will not open her old Lotus files. Will WORD open Lotus files? Or is there some other way to convert the Lotus files so she can work with them either in Word Perfect or WORD.

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    Re: Lotus Word Processing (all)

    Microsoft supplies converters for some versions of AmiPro, later renamed Lotus WordPro. I'm not aware of any WordPro to Word converters, but it has come up before, so searching past posts would be a good double-check.

    As for importing into WordPerfect, I really have no idea. Sometimes extra conversion filters can be downloaded, so a visit to Corel's web site probably is a good idea.

    Might be useful to dig out the old Lotus disks and see if it will install on (I assume) Windows XP Home. Might be the shortest distance between the two points to save those files as RTF or DOC format from WordPro.

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