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    Catastrophic Failure (SQL 2000)

    Wasnt sure where else to post this, so I thought i'd give the access forum a go.

    A colleague has been getting a "Catasrophic failure" message when trying to open a table and return all rows in enterprise manager of SQL server 2000. He's been unable to find any info on this message and wondered if anyone had any ideas, or does it look like a "format the machince and start again" kind of error?

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    Re: Catastrophic Failure (SQL 2000)

    Is Enterprise Manger being run from the server, or is it running on a workstation. If it's the former - things are looking pretty ugly, and you might want to run maintenance tasks to make sure the data isn't corrupted in some way. If it's running on a workstation, and you can run it successfully from another workstation or the server, then the workstation software install is probably corrupt, and a house cleaning on the workstation is in order. Hope this helps.

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