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    Date/Time (XL97)

    Is there an option to force Excel to keep dates/times in the format in which I enter them?

    If I enter "19-Feb-03", Bill leaves it alone.
    If I enter "22:30:15", Bill leaves it alone.
    If I enter "19-Feb-03 22:30:15", Bill is sure that I really want to see "2/19/03 22:15", but I DON'T <img src=/S/exclamation.gif border=0 alt=exclamation width=15 height=15>

    Note, I know that I can format this however I want, but it is not that simple: the cell is being filled by VBA based on two fields that the user selects. These two fields could be anything.
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    Re: Date/Time (XL97)

    Hi Sam,

    I don't think you change change Excel's default behaviour to achieve what you want. Should be easy enough to test the fill data and format the target cell via VBA though. If the format of the target cell is dependent on the format of the source cells and is supposed to combine their formats, perhaps you could read & concatenate their formats for the target cell (eg assuming A1 has dates and B1 has times and the result goes into C1, then a cell formatting logic along the lines of:
    if (A1="",C1Format =B1Format,if(B1="",C1Format =A1Format,C1Format =A1Format & " " & B1Format))
    might do.


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