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    Converting a report to Word (2000)

    I hope someone can help me with this problem. I have a database in which I have developed several reports. On the report, you are prompted to enter starting and ending dates to sort only the needed information. Once the report is created, I need to email it to individuals. I go to File, Send to, Mail Recipient and change to Rich Text File. The report is converted to a Word attachment in the email, however, the inputted dates are not on the document. Is there a way to ensure the dates are visible?


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    Re: Converting a report to Word (2000)

    I assume your report is based on a parameter query, say with parameters [Enter Start Date] and [Enter End Date]. You can place text boxes in one of the header or footer sections with control source =[Enter Start Date] and =[Enter End Date], or if you wish to use another format than the standard one, for example like "February 19, 2003", use =Format([Enter Start Date], "mmmm d, yyyy") and =Format([Enter End Date], "mmmm d, yyyy"). The parameters must be use in exactly the same form as in the query, otherwise you'll get extra prompts.

    The text boxes will be in the converted RTF document.

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