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    Outlook Secrets (MSO2K SR1a)

    I read the WOPR forums religiously, and I gotta tell all users of Outlook: the one utility you should NEVER be without comes from (gasp!) Microsoft themselves, "Save My Settings". Downloaded directly from their site (, it's fabulous.

    Using it, you save to MS's servers all your settings, colors, rules etc. for Outlook, so that if you ever should have the need to restore or re-install (God knows I have) you can EASILY recover all the time-consuming modifications you have made.

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    Re: Outlook Secrets (MSO2K SR1a)

    The profile wizard in the Office Resource Kit also is useful for preserving settings. I used it for a year to set up new PCs from one saved configuration file. (Unlike a ghosting utility, this only affects settings, not application serial numbers.)

    It works differently than the online tool; everything is saved locally. I think it might not be practical for heavy mail users because I believe it subsumes your entire PST files. But I could be wrong about that.

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