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    EDITTIME Field (97-XP)

    Has the function of the EDITTIME field (or its underlying programming) changed between, say, Word 97 (the version I'm used to) and Word 2002 (the version I'm using now)?

    In the past, that is, in Word 97, it appeared that the field displayed actual clickety-clack typing time. Actual time spent editing the document.

    Now, it appears to measure something else: perhaps the amount of time that the document is the active document?

    Does anyone know for sure what this field's results actually represent?

    Thanks for all your help.


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    Re: EDITTIME Field (97-XP)

    My impression of edittime was that this was the time that the document spent open - in the background or minimised counts as well.

    It gets reset to zero when you do a File > Save As but otherwise counts on.

    I have not investigated it though as I can't think of anything it could be useful for. I can't bill someone for time that I had their file open for - just for the time I was actually clickety-clacking.
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