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    USB 2 device plugged into usb1.1 port?

    Last year I upgraded to a P4 2.4GHz on an Asus P4B266 motherboard, which offered USB 2.0 support. I hooked it all up, including the additional 4 USB 2 ports in one of the slots, wired to the motherboard. When my scanner finally arrived, and I finally used it, I get this message when I power the scanner up:
    Hi-speed USB device plugged into non-hi speed USB port.
    I am running WinXP Pro, so this annoying little taunt pops up each time in the systray.
    First of all, I wouldn't be surprised if the extra USB ports in back were USB 1.1, even though the instructions indicated they were 2.0 due to the way they had to be installed. And, if memory serves, the main USB ports crank out the same message when I use them instead. Aside from that, is there any way to 'test' the ports to see what version they actually support? Is it possible this is an XP bug and the ports aren't 1.1 at all?
    The scanner works just fine, and I haven't used it enough for it to be a problem. But it galls me to have bought this motherboard mainly because of its boasted USB 2.0 support, only to get this message.

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    Re: USB 2 device plugged into usb1.1 port?

    Have you checked the ASUS web site for an updated USB 2.0 set of drivers?
    I have a Gigabyte MB with 2.0 capabilities but no 2.0 devices, but I'm almost sure there was a set of drivers that had to be installed if you DID have the proper devices, otherwise it installed the default 1.1 set.


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    Re: USB 2 device plugged into usb1.1 port?

    I agree with Viking33.
    I had a Soyo Dragon that Soyo ended up sending me an add on USB 2.0 card because the on board was not running at 1.1.
    As for diagnostics software, I do not know of any off hand. I was able to tell due to the use of and external hard drive appearing to be too slow.
    Added the SOYO driver update, no difference. Did a double check of the motherboard's box and site and bingo, add on card.
    Installed it, rand the hard drive and whoa the difference.

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