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    Invalid Page Fault (Excel 97)

    Hi, I've an excel file that consists of figures and graphs. When I tried to add in source data, an error message prompted. It says,
    "Not enough memory"
    "Excel caused an invalid page fault in module EXCEL.EXE at 017f:30126e9e."

    I'm having a 256Mb of RAM in that machine. Is there any way I can solve the problem or should I upgrade to Office2000. Thanks.

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    Re: Invalid Page Fault (Excel 97)

    Excel divides its .xls files up into areas like folders on a hard disk. These areas are used to store different parts of the workbooks (for example the cells, charts, images, macros, etc.). These areas have a maximum size and in XL 97 that size is fairly small, so if one of the parts of your workbook gets too large, you will get that failure. There is not much you can do about this if this is what is causing your problem.

    Another thing that can cause this problem is corruption in the workbook. If you can find a machine that has XL2000, then you could take the workbook to that machine and load it into XL2K. Then save the file to a new file in HTML format. Close Excel and open it again, and use File Open to find the HTML file and then save it back in .xls format. This will usually remove any corruption in the file. Take the file back to XL97 and try it there again.
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