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    Font Size (Outlook 2000)

    In Word 2000 my default font is Times New Roman 12. In Outlook 2000 I have the HTML Editor on. I go to Tools / Options / Mail Format Tab / Font button/ Compose a new message and change the default from Arial 10 to Times New Roman 12. I now change my Editor (Tools / Options / Mail Format Tab / Check Use Word Editor. Now when I open New Blank Message and click in message area, the font is still Arial 10. When I have the Word Editor checked, (Tools / Options / Mail Format Tab / Check Use Word Editor), the font button is grayed out. Help

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    Re: Font Size (Outlook 2000)

    When you are composing in Word, what is the name of the Style on the Formatting toolbar? You probably need to edit the settings for that style in order to make the change effective in Word. But this is just a guess, and WordMail is buggy...

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