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    Mis-reporting non-availability of wireless network

    My home wifi network (under XP Pro with SP 1) usually reports that it is unavailable when my Toshiba Satellite laptop wakes up from hibernation or standby. (It usually comes up running if I hibernate at the log-on screen.) But my network is not unavailable. It is 100% OK. I am writing this up so that other users don't spend an hour with the supplier's technical support team when the only broken thing is the error message.

    The attachment shows that my wireless network ought not to work. The icon in the notification area is crossed out and the Network Connections window also reports that the network is unavailable. However, moments ago, I accessed a web site, checked my e-mail and accessed a folder on the other laptop on the network (which also has reports the same unavailability!). I can ping anywhere in the world. I can't find anything I can't do.

    The simplest workaround (to fix the erroneous message) is to unplug the adapter and plug it back in again. I did this for several days until my son forgot one day and found out that no workaround was required.

    Am I missing something?
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    Re: Mis-reporting non-availability of wireless network

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