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    Third Party Extensions? (2002)

    Tweaking the FP extensions has always intrigued me but if no one here knows how to even approach that then it's way over my head. That said, are there any third party extensions offered? Have never seen a set offered. Reason I'm on this is that many of the extension actions SEEM improvable. If they were put out they might make money. Might not, too, but we're used to that.

    One I posited here earlier was toggling the report of a form contents to frmreslt.htm only if the field was not null. In other words, if the field wasn't filled out it wasn't reported. Now I understand that if you are exporting results as a comma-delimited or fixed field length file that wouldn't work. But if coming out as an htm text file it would make a lot of sense.

    It if makes sense to code "if not null then report this field" why won't Bill Gates let us do that?

    Bill Eger

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    Re: Third Party Extensions? (2002)

    If you are not using FP Extensions, then you are typically using CGI scripts of some type or other. Lots of sources for this on the net, in multiple languages. Some free, some for pay. That being said - you'll have to get your webserver admin to agree to install them on their webserver. Incorrectly coded CGI scripts can cause security holes or performance problems on a webserver. Most ISP's prefer to use their own, "in house" scripts that they have tested. BTW, there is no reason that you couldn't have FP Server Extensions and CGI scripts on the same machine.

    Have you checked out or

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    Re: Third Party Extensions? (2002)

    Many thanks for the links to FrontPage Add-Ins. Lots of good information there.
    I'm constantly amazed at the results you good folks at WOPR return to
    our questions. Much appreciated and keep up the good work. I'm moving
    my homepage to Woody's hosting service soon and the results here are
    a good reason for the confidence I have in doing that! <img src=/S/clapping.gif border=0 alt=clapping width=19 height=23>

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