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    Color of Numbers (Office 2000 9.0.2716)

    I'm doing a PowerPoint presentation with a fill-in-the-blank. I'm making the fill-in words a different color then the other text so it will stand out and when the first word of the text is the fill-in, it will change the number to that color. Usually when I select all the text and go to bullets and numbering... and change the color back to the color of the non-fill-in text it changes to that color. But today it will change for a 2nd on some of the slides and then snap back to the fill-in colors. Also, I'm copying and pasting text from a Word 2000 document, that I did NOT create. Any help would be appreciated! - R

    e.g. 1. Samuel was getting along well with his sister at last! So if Samuel is in red, then the number 1 is also red and won't stay black like the other text. but if 2. doesn't start with a fill-in, then it will be black! Arggg.

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    Re: Color of Numbers (Office 2000 9.0.2716)

    Can you attach a sample? I'm finding it hard to visualize the problem.

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