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    Palm M500 + Win XP Pro

    <font face="Comic Sans MS"> I have been hunting for a solution. I want to be able to use my Palm and sync it to my Win XP Pro. I updated the Palm desktop to Version 4.1 and I think I have the correct drivers loaded but it will not do an actual sync. It is a USB cradle and at one point Win XP "acknowledged" it in the task bar but I was never able to actually have the two communicate.
    Any ideas what I might be doing incorrectly or what needs to be done?
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    2/25/03 I have been fiddling with this for awhile and beats me what happened but it now works <img src=/S/yep.gif border=0 alt=yep width=15 height=15>. I am wondering if it were the cradle <img src=/S/question.gif border=0 alt=question width=15 height=15> I had unplugged everything and left it sit for awhile. Plugged everything back in and the O/S "saw" it. "It" wanted me to reload the driver so I loaded the updated ones as I had done previously. This time however, I was successful. So I am back in business. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> </font face=comic>

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    Re: Palm M500 + Win XP Pro

    I see you have resolved your issue. If it happens again check the settings by right clicking on the HotSync icon in the taskbar to verify that only the "Local USB" is activated.


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