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    If you've been experiencing slowness.. (Word 2002)

    We have found our users complaining of slowness in Word 2002 particularly when editing large documents. I found a Knowledge Base article that says this can be resolved in some cases by increasing the CACHE SIZE for Word. I can remember doing this years ago in Word 6.0 (editing the Winword6.INI.....makes you feel old when these issues turn up again!!!).... Why Microsoft still insist on making the default value so low is anyones guess. I have posted here so that this may help anyone else. I will report back in a few weeks if it has solved the issue for my users..

    The KBase reference is 322345 - WD2002: Latency Problems When You Access a Document from a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) Network Share....;EN-US;Q322345


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    Re: If you've been experiencing slowness.. (Word 2002)

    Hi Belinda,

    Thanks for the tip. You can make the link in your post live by putting <!t><!/t> before it and <!t><!/t> after it. The result will be;EN-US;322345 (I have removed the Q from before the MSKB number, for Microsoft has stopped using it; links with the Q still work, but I don't know if that will be supported in the future.)

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