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    Word 2000 vs. Word XP (XP)

    I've read some of the threads regarding the differences between the two. I have a small firm I am doing some consulting for, they currently are using Word 2000 but would like to upgrade Outlook to XP. They also have people on various different platforms some on Windows 2000 some on XP, some Outlook users are using XP already, some are on 2000. We are trying to make the decision of which avenue to take with the intent of getting everyone "on the same thing."

    In my experience, I've not noticed any file format differences between 2000 and XP or any necessary conversion when working between one or the other except on the case of heavily formatted tables. So, my opinion would be to not spend any further money on an already outdated suite and upgrade to XP across the board. However, the current and leaving person who has always made these decisions has said that she feels the upgrade to XP vs. 2000 will leave them with document conversion issues. In my experience, there really is no difference, so if a document works in 2000, it will work the same in XP... does anyone here have any different experience?

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    Re: Word 2000 vs. Word XP (XP)

    It shows how much we were all burned by the 95-to-97 fiasco doesn't it. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    In my experience with 2002 I have not encountered problems for a wide variety of 'normal' documents except for the extremely esoteric. In any event the issues are usually those of backwards compatability. That is, 2002 doesn't have trouble reading older versions - sometimes features can be 'interesting' when an older version is trying to adapt to a newly defined capability exported by 2002.

    In short - moving to XP does not create problems - retaining older versions may cause minor irritation which can normally be handled by exporting from XP in one of its backwards compatable modes.


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