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    Re: Adding entries form table to another using a form (Access 97)

    I'm afraid I don't understand your question, but it seems to me that you are going to create redundant information if you want to copy columns from Table 1 to Table 2. You might be able to get the same results by building a query that joins Table 1 and Table 2. But perhaps my remarks are completely off the mark.

    If you try to give more details of your situation - what (if any) is the record source of the form and of the dropdown box, and what is the relation between Table 1 and Table 2 - somebody may be able to give better assistance.

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    Adding entries from table to another using a form

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by dpanna on 25-Feb-03 13:39. Clarification)</P>How do I get a drop down box in a form to populate similar columns in table 1 to similar columns in table 2 and save the information in table 2? Just by choosing one filed in table 1.

    I need to create redundant information from Table 1 to Table 2. Building a query that joins Table 1 and Table 2 would be the way I normally would go but the data associated with the master number keeps changing over time due to companies being bought out and merged. The original data is filled by company name it was at that time the data was entered.

    I am trying to use the master number (cage code) associated with the company as the drop down choice because it has the least chance of error.

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    Re: Adding entries from table to another using a form

    You would be better off to make another post even if clarifiying, especially if there are posts following yours at the time. It's too hard to see the flow of the question.
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