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    View for printing (Project 2000)

    I want to create a view of my project Gantt chart that is formatted in a particular way for printing. This includes specific columns and widths in the entry table and display options in the Gantt chart. The first issue of Woody's Project Watch addressed this and said copy the Gantt Chart view (as say Gantt-Print), format it as you want it to print and then use that as the print view.

    I tried that, but unfortunately if I make changes to the entry table in the original Gantt Chart view, these changes are also applied to the one I formatted for printing. Is there a way to lock the Gantt-Print view, or break the link between the two, so that changes to the table in the Gantt Chart are not also applied to the Gantt-Print chart?

    Robin Anson

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    Re: View for printing (Project 2000)

    I believe what they are saying is that after you get the Gantt set up as needed, create and save a view of that particular screen. That way the view will have your formatting.

    Then, before you print, select the particular view and then print to keep the formatting.


    (It's been a while!)

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