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    Send Multiple Messages macro (Outlook 2002)

    hi, I need to be able to send the same 6 or seven messages in one go to the group of people everyday. I have the messages set up as outlook templates. but is there anyway i can write a macro to do this in one go rather than, "choose form" for every message?


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    Re: Send Multiple Messages macro (Outlook 2002)

    In this case, it might help to think "outside of the window." If they work the same in Outlook 2002 as in Outlook 2000, Templates (.oft files) can be opened from Windows Explorer to create a new message. See if you can find the folder where your templates are stored (perhaps cocuments and SettingsYourUserNameApplication DataMicrosoftTemplates). Select all 6 of them, and press Enter. You should get 6 messages ready to address. If this works, create a shortcut to the containing folder on your desktop and you're good to go!

    On the other hand, if you really prefer a macro solution, I don't think I can help you. There is a way to Item.Add(FormName), but I don't believe .oft files are treated as forms for purposes of this method.

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