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Thread: Word & Works

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    Word & Works

    I was helping a friend with a Dell laptop running Win 98 SE-Pentium-64 meg ram. She used the Word Processor that came with MS Works v4. She has a 1.6 meg file of documents with a .WPS extension. I transfered the file to her new Dell Desktop running Win XP Home with a Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz-256 meg ram and Word 2002. We tried to open the documents and had to install a convertor to open the document. We couldn't save the converted document in Word Document. I took the file home and tried to find a program that would open it to no avail. I tried Word 2000 and Word Pad with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated to resolve this for her.
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    Re: Word & Works

    I believe that Word 2000 has some optional convertors that can be installed, and one of them deals with some versions of Works. V4 of Works is pretty old, so it may not be supported, but check it out anyhow. If that doesn't work, Works has the option of saving it to a text file (or possibly an RTF file), so you could export it from Works and then import it into Word.

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