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    Query showing a chosen month ? (Access 2000)

    I need to build a query showing a chosen month from an Option button in a form.Can somebody help me how to

    do it ? I imagine my option button should consists of the name of the months, and when i press the button

    January, to open the query only for january .

    My query is the following:

    SELECT DISTINCTROW Orders.orderid, Orders.invoicedate, Year([invoiceDate]) AS [Year]
    FROM Orders
    WHERE (((Year([invoiceDate]))=2003))
    ORDER BY Orders.invoicedate;

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    Re: Query showing a chosen month ? (Access 2000)

    Create an Option Group with the Control Wizard. Enter the names of the months as captions, and accept the option values proposed by Access (January = 1, February = 2 etc.), since this corresponds to standard month numbering. Name the option group grpMonths. Expand the query as follows:

    SELECT DISTINCTROW Orders.OrderID, Orders.InvoiceDate, Year([InvoiceDate]) AS [Year]
    FROM Orders
    WHERE Year([InvoiceDate])=2003 And Month([InvoiceDate])=[Forms]![frmWhatever]![grpMonths]
    ORDER BY Orders.InvoiceDate;

    Replace frmWhatever by the name of your form.

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