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    Connecting to Win98 PC

    I have a Win98 PC acting as a little file server on our network which several people have permanently mapped a drive letter to. No problems so far. The folder which is shared on the 98 PC has a password and there are no problems with 95/98 users connecting to it. However, I've just tried to map a 2000 user to it (which works fine) until I reboot at which point it prompts me for the password to connect to the share on the 98 PC. I type this in and can then access the files but it's just irritating having to type in the password every time. I've made sure the "Reconnect at logon" box is ticked but just can't get the soddin' thing to remember the password. Hayelp!

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    Re: Connecting to Win98 PC

    Make a account on the 2K machine that has the SAME account login name and password as the Win 98 account. This should do it.

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