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    Change Pie Colors (Excel 2000)

    Is it me or does every MS program make the oughta-be-simple into really-hard/hidden?

    I don't use charting much but the Pastor asked me to create a pie chart from some expense data. Sounded easy enough and, after a few false starts, ping, there it was. But I didn't think the pie colors would show well on our B&W laser so I attempted to change them. Maybe I'm just stupid but I could change everything else except the individual slices. It certainly looks like I should be able to choose other colors, or even B&W patterns. The Help file was no help.

    Can you tell me what I missed?

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    Re: Change Pie Colors (Excel 2000)

    If you click somehwere inside the pie, the entire pie is selected. If you then click one of the individual slices, you will select it, so that you can format only that slice. Look carefully at the selection handles to see what is selected.

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