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    track on security (2002)

    Within the past year there was mention in WOW about a file that outlook keeps of all office attachments sent. The file is used when an edited version of a document is returned.

    Can someone point me to the back issue where this was discussed. I've tried searching but without success (actually, too much success; the returned lists are too large to be useful.)



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    Re: track on security (2002)

    The file is named "adhoc.rcd" and you can find it (and view it w/ notepad) by searching your hard drive. It seems to exist in a hidden directory, which I can't even find when I drop to DOS looking for hidden files: "dir /ah". So, I ended up just copying it from the search window and pasting to my desktop and viewing the copy.

    The articles that you will find information on this is Woody's Office Watch (WOW) #7.53, and one later one (at least).

    It's so funny, because, what w/ all the information on adhoc.rcd, I did a google search and only found 7 instances on the web (limited to most recent 6 months) and then I did a search on this Lounge -- just moments ago -- and found no references to it. (There are _also_ no references to it on the Microsoft support site, that I could find.) My original quest was to see if adhoc.rcd could be deleted manually w/out blowing up Outlook -- I just didn't want to test that out <g>. Also, if it was a file that kept getting resurrected if you did delete it -- (if you were allowed to). I was just curious.

    I have found that, or I think I have found that, if you open the document that was attached and then close it, the inserted information disappears. If you open up the document with a real text editor first, then you can see the information. But, I haven't explored it -- more than I should for my job description, but not really that much <g>.


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