I have a small Access application used by my wife and other volunteers at our church. The tables are in a separate file (less than 500KB). I would like to share the data among several users who are all connected to the Internet and have the Access application on their computer. They wouldn't necessarily have to have access to the file at the same time. I have available space on one of my ISP's personal web pages where I could store the file.

It may be possible to set up a Personal Web Server and generate all the html based code/scripts or whatever to permit access to the data base, but that seems terribly complicated and I am not the least bit familiar with that. My thought is to somehow put a control in my Access software that would move (ftp?) the file from the Internet to an individual's computer when they start the application, and move it back when they were finished with it. That would prevent others from modifying the file when another user was active. I would take care of backing the file up on my computer every day or as necessary.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.