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    message rules

    using Outlook Express 5.5
    Message rules--
    I have mail rules set up for incoming e-mails and it works great for keeping track of whos whos and whats what, but I have been trying to setup the same for outgoing and having trouble. I would like when I send an e-mail it would go to a certain folder. Any ideas or does this just not work.

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    Re: message rules

    The rules are only in effect for mail that is being downloaded. The Sent Items folder is receiving a Copy of the item.

    But, that is not to say you cannot set up a rule after the fact, though you will need to apply it each and every time after you send mail.

    Example, Condition: Where the To: line contains "Mom", Action: Move it to Mom's folder.
    Apply the rule to the Sent Items folder each time you send mail.

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