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    Picking a data storage method (Project 2000)

    Are there any rules of thumb, guidelines, etc for helping decide whether to
    create multiple projects with separate mpp files instead of creating one big

    When should data be stored in SQL server instead of mpp files?

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    Re: Picking a data storage method (Project 2000)

    I'd split a project into multiple files when I want to use resource pools, or if I want to split responsibility for maintaining individual projects amoung different people.
    As for the move to an SQL db, I gather if you are going to have more than 10 people simultaneously accessing your Project via Project Central, then you'll have to move to an SQL db. I'd also assume that if the volume of data that you are keeping limits out project's capabilities then that would be time to move as well.

    From the Project 2000 help file:

    The following specifications and limits are supported when you run Microsoft Project on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT, although actual limits and performance speed are greatly dependent on your computer's configuration. Please note that Out of Memory errors may occur before you reach the listed limits.
    <table border=1><td>Attribute</td><td>Maximum</td><td>Tasks per project file </td><td>1 million </td><td>Resources per project </td><td>1 million </td> <td>Resource units per assignment </td><td>60,000,000 units or 6,000,000,000 percent </td><td>Resource availability dates </td><td>100</td><td>Task dependencies per project file </td><td>no limit </td><td>Predecessors per task </td><td>no limit </td><td>Successors per task </td><td>no limit </td><td>Outline levels per project </td><td>65,535</td><td>Consolidated projects </td><td>998 </td><td>Open project files per consolidated project </td><td>998 </td><td>Sharer files connected to a resource pool </td><td>999 (that is, maximum open project files minus 1 for the resource pool itself) </td><td>Open windows </td><td>50 </td><td>Base calendars </td><td>unlimited </td><td>Calendar exceptions per calendar </td><td>1,400 </td><td>Printable tasks in monthly calendar </td><td>4,000</td><td>Rate tables to support different pay scales and rates</td><td>5 per resource</td><td>Variable rates per rate table to support rate increases and decreases </td><td>25 </td><td>Maximum cost value in a currency field </td><td>999,999,999,999</td><td>Maximum work value </td><td>1,666,666,667 hours </td> <td>Maximum assignment work values for:</td><td> </td> <td>- Work assignments </td><td>999,999,999 minutes </td> <td>- Variable material assignments </td><td>999,999,999 units </td> <td>- Fixed material assignments </td><td>60,000,000 units </td> <td>Print scaling adjustment range percentage </td><td>10 to 500 percent </td> <td>Page header text </td><td>5 lines </td> <td>Page footer text </td><td>3 lines </td> <td>Page legend text </td><td>3 lines </td> <td>Page legend text box width </td><td>5 inches (12.7 centimeters) </td> <td> Filter tests </td><td> per filter 40 </td> <td> Filter tests per AutoFilter </td><td>2 per column </td> <td>Earliest date allowed for calculation </td><td>January 1, 1984 </td> <td> Latest date allowed for calculation </td><td>December 31, 2049 </td> <td> Maximum number of discontiguous selections on a sheet view </td><td>9 </td> </table>

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