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    Access 97/2000 Compatability (Access 97 SR-1)

    Is it possible to open a database created with Access 97 in Access 2000? What about the other way around?
    I know there were Woodys Office and / or Access Watch news letters that discussed this issue in past years but when search on WOW I couldn't find them. The search didn't let me narrow it down enough and I either got nothing or way too many hits. If anyone can tell me which issues of the Woody's newsletter(s) discussed this issue in the past I would also appreciate that.

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    Re: Access 97/2000 Compatability (Access 97 SR-1)

    Yes it is possible to open an Access97 db in Access2000. The first time you do so, you will be asked whether you want to open it or convert it. If you open it, you will be able to enter data, but not change the design of any db items (tables, forms etc) . If you convert it, a new Access2000 db is made, leaving the original as it was.

    It is not possible to open an Access 2000 db in Access 97, but it is possible (within Access 2000) to convert an Access2000 db back to an Access 97 db. Again a new db is made, leaving the original as it was. (Tools...Database prior Access version)

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    Re: Access 97/2000 Compatability (Access 97 SR-1)

    When you try to open an Access 97 database in Access 2000, you get two choices:
    <UL><LI>Convert to Access 2000 format. You have to provide a file name for the new Access 2000 database. It won't be possible to open this database in Access 97 (but see below).
    <LI>Open the Access 97 database "as is". You can open forms, reports etc., but you can't change their design.[/list]If you want to share an Access 2000 database with somone who uses Access 97, you must convert your database back. This is done in Tools/Database Utilities/Convert Database. You are prompted for a file name. If you used specific Access 2000 features, they won't work in the converted database, and the Access 97 user may have to correct some missing references - references to object libraries are usually converted correctly when upgrading to a newer version, but not always when downgrading to a previous version.

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